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NSA Houston Professional Workshop - September 2018 Russ Riddle- Corral Your Ca$h Cow- Protect, Manage, and Grow Your Intellectual Property


September 15, 2018
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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The United Way
50 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX 77007

$46.25 is the average price of a NSA Houston 3-HOUR PROFESSIONAL WORKSHOP. If your intellectual property (your proprietary processes and programs, workshop content, titles, keynotes, media, etc.) are worth more than that, isn't it worth it to you to spend that amount to protect it?

Learn how THIS Saturday at the NSA Houston September Professional Workshop!

CORRAL YOUR CA$H COW: Protect, Manage, and Grow Your Intellectual Property

Whether you're just getting started or you've been at "the business" for years, you know success doesn't come easy. You’ve worked hard to create your business and to carve a niche for yourself. You share your ideas, programs, and processes with clients and audiences around the world  to help them achieve their goals. Now it's time to ask yourself IF, WHAT, and HOW you should be protecting the Intellectual Property you've worked so hard to create! In our September 15 professional workshop, Attorney and fellow NSA member Russ Riddle will answer these questions and more!

As a business owner and professional speaker, your most valuable asset aside from people is your intellectual property. This session saddles you up to better protect, manage and fatten that cash cow. 

Valuable Takeaways:

  • Distinguish between the intellectual property types
  • Ensure ownership from the outset (employees vs. contractors)
  • Ace copyrights and avoid copy-wrongs
  • Master the trademark DOs and DON?Ts
  • Preserve, Protect & Defend — Police your I.P.
  • Stop rustling others’ cash cows
  • Avoid “public domain” land mines
  • Capitalize and comply with licensing opportunities


About Russ Riddle

What do Barney®, Zig Ziglar, Thomas the Tank Engine®, and YOU have in common? All have been served (or are about to be) by Russ Riddle!

Russ serves up quick wit, humorous storytelling and poignant tips, keeping you involved from start to finish. Having practiced marriage for 35 years, law for 27, fatherhood for 26, and braved adventures as a juvenile probation officer and newspaper columnist, Russ Riddle is convinced that we must never stop learning and laughing. His love of levity stems in part from an intellectual property law practice that has served such clients as Barney& Friends®, Wishbone®, Bob the Builder®, Thomas & Friends®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, and many characters of the National Speakers Association throughout the country. Russ earned his J.D. from Texas Tech University School of Law. He is a past president of NSA North Texas and currently serves as a member of NSA’s Board of Directors. He’s the author of two books: Lawyer Up – The Smart Way and Persuasive vs. Abrasive – The judges have ruled, as well as the intellectual property manual Corral Your Ca$h Cow!


8:15 – 8:45 am  New Member Guest Orientation

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11:45 am – 12 pm Closing Exercise/Announcements


Be sure to pre-register for this popular program! Deadline for pre-registration is Friday, Sept 14 at 8:30 am. After that, late registration and at-the-door prices are $10 more!


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$47.00 NSA Houston Member
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