NSA Houston’s SPRING VIRTUAL Academy has been CANCELLED:

If you are going to be a speaker for the rest of your life,  then NSA is your FUTURE!





The best opportunity anywhere, to get the most support, with the best and fastest start, at the lowest price, with the greatest number of resources, to take your speaking business to the next level!  

spring 2021 VIRTUAL Academy CANCELLED!

You'll be led by Academy Dean Ed Robinson CSP, a thought leader and recognized expert in the areas of leadership development and revenue growth with more than 30 years transforming professionals into leaders and leaders into rainmakers. Ed is a Certified Speaking Professional (designation earned by only about 12% of NSA professional members world-wide) and former President of NSA San Antonio chapter. Ed is also a best-selling author of The Million Dollar Rainmaker, From Fighting the Storm to Dancing in the Rain, and 4 Giant Steps to Leadership. You will receive both individual and group coaching and training sessions led by additional successful NSA Houston professional speakers to provide you with the specific advice and consulting you need to lay a powerful foundation for a career as a professional speaker. 

As a member of NSA Houston's Academy, we will help you:

  1. Clarify your ‘WHY’ that will keep you on your path to success.
  2. Set goals that you will reach in your speaking business.
  3. Define your primary message, topic, and outline for a keynote presentation to a target market that can pay you.
  4. Define (or redefine) what type of a presenter you are and want to be in these changing times.
  5. Learn how to build and manage your business better.
  6. Discover additional products and services that allow you to get paid for not being there.
  7. Determine what you are selling and to whom you are selling.
  8. Develop a marketing and sales plan that includes:
    • Creating a speaker “one sheet” that helps sell you to meeting planners who can hire you.
    • Developing or improving your website with relevant content that can get you booked.
    • Providing resources and products that could augment your existing speaking efforts.
  9. Polish your presentations and performances.
  10. Learn fresh tips about platform mechanics.
  11. Put together next steps for building a successful long-term business fueled by speaking.

Your NSA Houston Spring 2021 Academy Membership provides you with all of the following benefits at a truly amazing price. 

1. All 15 NSA Houston Monthly Professional Development Workshops February 2021-June 2022. As a member of the Academy you are given both an NSA Houston Candidate Membership AND an All Access Pass from Feb 2021 through June 2022 - a year and a half of support and resources! The AAP gives you free access to ALL Saturday morning Professional Development Workshops (3rd Saturday of most months) and discounts on all NSA Houston Professional Labs from the time the Academy begins, through the June 2022 meeting! NSA Houston Professional workshops feature the best nationally recognized professional speakers sharing their secrets of success in a wide range of cutting edge tools and techniques that will enhance the quality and expand the possibilities for your own speaking business! NSA Houston professional workshops are held virtually using Zoom, most 3rd Saturdays of the month 9-12. 

2. CANCELLED:  Spring 2021 Pandemic Speaker ReLaunch Intensive. This 2 half-day Virtual Boot Camp, facilitated by Ed Robinson, CSP and Rob Pennington, PhD and other NSA Professional Members will be offered at a fee to Guests and Members but free to Academy: 10am-2pm February 17th & March 17th on Zoom. Registration for ReLaunch is separate from Academy, but is FREE for Academy members.

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed our world and the personal and professional lives of most speakers. However, rather than focusing on the past, now is the time to plan for the future and see the greater opportunities for ourselves in 2021 and beyond!

NSA Houston’s Speaker ReLaunch Intensive will help you identify and take advantage of new opportunities by rethinking, redirecting, and restructuring how you market, present, and deliver your valuable content and expertise. No matter if you’re a trainer, keynoter, consultant, or coach, this program will provide you with information and insight into creative new ways to grow your business, develop new products, and build new and exciting revenue streams. 

In this program, you’ll be guided by NSA professional members who have been through the ups, downs, and sideways events in our world over the past 30 years and still continue to reinvent themselves and flourish despite it all.  

This opportunity will help Academy members learn how to: 

      • (Re)Create a great speaker bio for 2021 and beyond
      • Identify your unique topics and content areas that will help grow your business
      • Identify the niche that will make you a category of one and the go-to person for your content and expertise
      • Identify the best business model to help you achieve your personal goals
      • Load your cannon and (Re)Launch your business
      • Market your unique experiences, expertise, and offerings
      • Identify new and exciting revenue streams that will allow you to repurpose your content to make more money
      • Structure engaging and interactive programs for our new virtual world
      • Create your "Next Steps" action plan for success


3. The Official NSA Academy 10 Module Manual prepared by NSA national provides a check list for what you need to know to build a solid foundation for the speaking side of your business. 

4. 8 Mastermind group sessions.  2 hrs per session, 2 sessions per month throughout Spring 2021 to review the Modules and help get your foundation for building a longterm speaking aspect to your business. Sessions tentatively scheduled on Wednesday evenings, 4-6pm beginning February 17th and running every two weeks until May 26th 

5. 2 Individual Coaching Sessions with a Professional Member of NSA.      BUT WAIT... THERE IS MORE...... 

6. 120+ hours of Archived Videos. As a Candidate Member with an All Access Pass you will have access to 120+ hours of archived videos of past NSAHouston Professional Development Workshops from the last 8 years with some of the best, most successful speakers in the country on a wide range of topics you need to know to build a long lasting, successful speaking career. 

7. Access to Contact Information for Conferences and Conventions coming to Houston over the year.Another All Access Pass benefit is that you will have access to Greater Houston’s Convention and Visitor's Bureau's Contact Information for Conferences and Conventions coming to Houston over the year. Find conferences related to your target market, learn about their offerings through their web site, reach out to conference contacts to learn how they want speakers to work with them and make sure you mention you are Houston based and available to be called at the last minute should they have some speaker cancel!  Great service. 

Who Should Participate? If you have read this far, then….YOU! 

This program is designed for: 
New speakers 
who want to accelerate their careers, 
Experienced speakers 
who want a structured year to gear up and reboot,
Trainers and coaches 
who wish to become keynoter and/or breakout presenters, 
Professionals, authors, and experts 
who want to use speaking to promote their businesses, to generate product and to increase revenue, and, 
Those with a calling
to move an audience with what has made a difference in your own life.

If You Recognize the Incredible VAlue of NSA Houston's Speakers Academy for You and Your Career....

We invite you to begin your process towards becoming a member of NSA Houston and our Speakers Academy by:


2. After your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted to welcome you into our Spring 2021 Academy and to explore how the Speakers Academy can best support your goals for professional growth as an expert who speaks.

3. After confirming you are ready to move forward, you will be billed for your tuition, $1850 for Spring Semester (Feb 2021-June 2022).

If you are COMMITTED to being a speaker for the rest of your life, then NSA Houston's Speaker ACADEMY is your Next Step!

NOTE:  We assume participants in Speakers Academy already have experience speaking in front of audiences. If you don't, we highly recommend you check out Houston’s Toastmasters District 56. Many of our own members got their start learning the craft of speaking through Toastmasters.